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Eric Pan

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Postcards (Mailing List) 📮

Watch as bite-sized music
dangerously juxtaposed with sights & scents
crash-lands in your mailbox
making you wonder: great news or greatest news?


“You’ve got a great artist here.”
Ray Brown

Eric Pan creates novel and transportive experiences for audiences, incorporating musical performance, improvisation, collaboration, and immersive storytelling.

This year, he releases a three-volume album titled Travel Poems. It's an unconventional debut. In the rainforests of Costa Rica, what began as a series of song-postcards based on stories of people and places soon blossomed a recording tour, leading to pianos across four continents. The resulting 30-track sonic kaleidoscope boasts solo, duo, and trio performances, threaded through soundscape narratives also curated from around the world.

Live performances of Travel Poems feature its expansive repertoire, and additionally explore a complementary idea: how music is itself a means of travel. Eric delivers his peculiar vision for immersive storytelling, interwoven with song and collective improvisation, to carry audiences into a variety of sound-imagination spaces.

Eric Pan’s musical upbringing found its footing with the discovery of jazz at the University of California, Santa Cruz. These studies propelled him onto stages with Jeff Hamilton and Roy Hargrove, plus over a decade’s tenure as jazz pianist and composer in New York City. Tours have taken him to his home country of Taiwan, as well as to Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Lithuania, Costa Rica, and twenty-six U.S. States.


We already have a way to put emotions in glass bottles, actually more like packed into cannonballs, sizzling to the touch: I can make one with my soul and launch it directly to your soul, using no words at all, only pure feeling and fire...that is what music does.

These emotions can be of any kind 
 soothing, or painful and cathartic, or jubilant, for example. But the moment of creation, the act of communication, the catapult: these are movements, and they must buzz in their capacity to electrify.

Imagine a universe where we are connected by shimmering beams of light, everyone to everyone. One quirk about this universe is that the beams send emotions between us, one million per minute per pair, clearly and effortlessly. Joy is instantly contagious. A hurtful thought toward another is understood with compassion, seen alongside the place of sadness where it arose. Every feeling triggers infinite empathy, therefore boundless acceptance. (The beams send only the stuff of our souls, not our thoughts — so we still have privacy, interesting conversation, and the ability to prank each other silly.)

Now imagine we already live in this universe except, long ago, we somehow forgot where the beams disappeared off to. But we’ve always kept music with us, because it’s our best way to speak in the old way.





Jun 11 - Klunkerkranich, Berlin
May 20 - Twinpigs, Berlin
May 7 - Nirgendwo, Berlin
Mar 7 - Sir Savigny Hotel, Berlin
Mar 4 - Twinpigs, Berlin
Feb 23 - Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
Feb 1 - Rue-B, New York, NY
Dec 19 - Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
Sep 21 - Cultural Embassy, New York, NY
Oct 18 - Werkstatt Haus der Statistik, Berlin
Oct 16 - Hat Bar, Berlin
Aug 4 - Viessmann Collaboration Studio, Berlin
Jul 14 - Douglass Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Jun 12 - Delizia, New York, NY
May 12 - Brooklyn Grange Farm, Brooklyn, NY
Apr 27 - Rue-B, New York, NY
Apr 26 - Rue-B, New York, NY
Apr 24 - Delizia, New York, NY
Apr 5 - Noize Fabrik, Berlin
Mar 26 - IPA Bar, Berlin
Mar 13 - Das Edelweiss, Berlin


Dec 24 - Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY
Dec 15 - Mable House Barnes Amphi., Atlanta, GA
Dec 14 - Speakeasy, Columbia, SC
Dec 13 - Fox Music House, Charleston, SC
Dec 12 - Levine Center for The Arts, Charlotte, NC
Dec 11 - Meymandi Concert Hall, Raleigh, NC
Dec 10 - Harrison Opera House, Norfolk, VA
Dec 8 - Emilio's, Richmond, VA
Dec 7 - Twins, Washington, DC
Dec 6 - Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA
Dec 4 - The Crossroads, New Brunswick, NJ
Nov 12 - Jamboree, Barcelona
Nov 11 - Jazzman, Barcelona
Nov 10 - Jazzman, Barcelona
Nov 2 - Moods Jazz Club, Zurich
Sep 29 - Hat Bar, Berlin
Oct 28 - T Berlin, Berlin
Oct 4 - T Berlin, Berlin
Aug 17 - Delizia, New York, NY
Aug 1 - Delizia, New York, NY

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